About me

Inma Ríos is an internationally experienced Professional Coach Certified by organisations in the UK, Spain and Belgium. Her specialities are team, executive and international coaching.

Inma has a Masters in Engineering by the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. She has also received world class instruction with several professional development programs in different management Institutes internationally including the MCE (Management Centre Europe) in Brussels and Roffey Park in the UK. Inma applied all this knowledge when managing teams and working with different management roles in multinationals.

After a decade working in different countries (Ireland, France and the Netherlands), Inma returned to Spain in 2007.
Now Inma is using all this experience to inspire and guide professionals, teams and organisations to reach their goals through Coaching, Mentoring and Training.

Inma has been trained as a Coach with a Master of Expert in Coaching with NLP and Emotional Intelligence accredited by ICF (International Coach Federation) and ASESCO (Asociación Española de Coaching), and Systemic Team Coaching at Academy of Executive Coaching in London.


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