Expats Coaching

The aim of expat coaching is to assist you in finding a balanced and happy life once living away from your home country. Living abroad can be very exciting, but can be also a huge challenge for the expatriate.

Some of the common challenges that expatriates may have:

  • Making the decision to go abroad
  • Solving problems related to their decision for the family
  • Finding their way in the destination country
  • Joining foreign companies
  • Understanding and managing cultural differences
  • Defining and achieving objectives
  • Keeping in touch with their country / organisation

I lived and worked 10 years abroad in executive roles in multinationals in France, Ireland and The Netherlands before returning to Spain. I combine this experience and coaching methodologies to empower professionals that face similar challenges to the ones I overcame.

My mission is to support expatriates to rapidly overcome challenges related with living abroad. Working abroad should always be an exciting and unforgetable experience.
Let your experience be a personal and professional success.


  • Support, understanding and inspiration.
  • Strategies for coping with the challenges involved in relocating abroad.
  • Insights that will help you rapidly feel confident and self assured in your new environment.
  • Reduction of pressure and stress related to moving abroad. This enables you to enthiusiastically approach each day with a sense of purpose.
  • Creation of a life abroad taking full advantage of all the new opportunities and experiences available to you.

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