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High Performance
Leaders and Teams

High Performance
Leaders and Teams

For Directors and  Managers leading teams who want to develop their Leadership and High Performance. Especially for those that are facing challenges related to international relocation

Guiding  Teams and Organisations to reach their goals and a high performance. Especially recommended for multicultural and multidisciplinary teams.

Seminars and workshops for Professionals, Teams and Organisations. Very dynamic, combining theory with coaching techniques.

Motivational and Inspiring speaker in events for Profesionals, Teams and Organisations.Conferences with personal anecdotes and real-life examples.

Inma Ríos is an internationally experienced Professional Coach Certified by organisations in the UK, Spain and Belgium. Her specialities are team, executive and international coaching.

Inma has a Masters in Engineering by the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. She has also received world class instruction with several professional development programs in different management Institutes internationally including the MCE (Management Centre Europe) in Brussels and Roffey Park in the UK. Inma applied all this knowledge when managing teams and working with different management roles in multinationals.

After a decade working in different countries (Ireland, France and the Netherlands), Inma returned to Spain in 2007.

Now Inma is using all this experience to inspire and guide professionals, teams and organisations to reach their goals through Coaching, Mentoring and Training.

Inma has been trained as a Coach with a Master of Expert in Coaching with NLP and Emotional Intelligence accredited by ICF (International Coach Federation) and ASESCO (Asociación Española de Coaching), and Systemic Team Coaching at Academy of Executive Coaching in London.

Motivated Teams ,
Productive Teams.

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I have participated in the first edition of Advanced English Coaching. It has been a very positive experience. We had fun and we enjoyed learning English and how to use our full potential. The course is given fully in English.

Marisa Escribano


Inma is an excellent coach. Thanks to her I could define my objectives, realize of my potential and reach my targets. Our sessions were with Skype, and the results are as good as face to face (saving a lot of commuting time).

Mª José Payá


I got it!! Thanks to Inma I reached my goal. At first I thought it was impossible and now it happened. Thanks very much, you helped me a lot.

Mª José García


The work Inma did with us was in an international environment. The goal was to energize a meeting sessions with a team of forty people, from six different countries, on the difficult issue of youth unemployment. The result was very successful, getting very useful conclusions as a result of the teamwork. 

Lola del Olmo

Diputación de Albacete

My experience working with Inma turned out to be very positive, not only while my company was trying to expand into Colombia two years ago, but several month later, when we used the skills developed with her methods to expand to Peru, where I have recently moved to develop our business lines. Basically I felt encouraged by the strategies developed under Inma’s coaching process. In detail, we worked in ways to measure progress, to set the real objectives and to beat the resistances that appear with it.

Javier González Cantarell

Country Manager at Fractalia Remote Systems

Working with Inma has been key to getting the results we have obtained and still obtain in the company.
Her work has brought great changes both in day to day operation of the company, as in the overall strategy.

Dori López Nieves

CEO at Innova Digital Export

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