"We contacted Inma from DocuWare because we were impressed with her talks on Motivated Leaders for our DocuWorld 2023 partners' event held in Berlin (Germany). One of the keynotes for our partners in Spain was the Motivated Leaders, and it became one of the most successful keynotes of the entire event. Inma is highly recommended for international events; she performs equally well in English and Spanish. Moreover, she conducts these keynotes in a very engaging and enjoyable manner, involving all attendees."

Juan García

Sales Director en DocuWare

"After 10 years of entrepreneurship and successfully building a company with a fantastic team of 100 people, I have learned that the most challenging aspect is LEADERSHIP. I have read extensively to educate myself, but it wasn't until last May when INMA conducted the course on LEADERSHIP AND HIGH-PERFORMANCE TEAM MANAGEMENT that I acquired practical tools to apply it. It was a very practical course, full of fantastic examples and led by a charismatic individual who knows and has experienced what she explains and conveys. My team, who are the crucial players, loved the course, and most importantly, I am beginning to see the change. "

Emilio Sánchez Escámez


"I highly recommend Inma's services. Her approach is exceptional, providing a perfect blend of knowledge, practical skills, and an engaging teaching style."

Juan Antonio Soler

CEO en Thyssenkrupp Plastic Ibérica

Inma is a great professional, with international experience and a great ability to adapt to different circumstances. In our case, we counted on her for an internal Lexmark Ibérica event, with colleagues not only from Spain, but also from other European countries. In addition to giving an interesting conference on change management and how to reinvent ourselves, she also organized a series of team building activities, all with a very positive and dynamic attitude that really pleased and engaged all of us who participated.

The event was conducted in both Spanish and English, adapting to the heterogeneous group that we were.

We are also grateful for her help with the whole organization of the event, from the planning, listening to our needs, to the execution itself, where she demonstrated her commitment and professionalism.

In short, she is a professional who is worth working with and who helped us achieve our team objectives.

Tomás Gallego García

Nurture Campaign Manager | LEXMARK

"It has been a pleasure to meet Inma and to benefit from a very practical, well-organized, and presented training on LEADERSHIP AND HIGH-PERFORMANCE TEAM MANAGEMENT. It is a magnificent toolbox for managing high-performance teams."

Unai Viscarret

Human Resources Director at IKERLAN

My personal and professional experience with Inma has been not only excellent but also highly productive. She has provided personalized training tailored to my needs, fully adapting to them, enhancing my skills, and equipping me with very effective tools in people management. Furthermore, the middle managers in my company have also gained a high level of professionalism through the work carried out with Inma. Undoubtedly, she is an excellent and highly qualified professional. 

Joaquín Solloso

Chief Executive Officer at Bioksan Pharma Sl

"Inma Ríos' course on 'Leadership and High-Performance Team Management' is highly recommended and practical. The platform, structure, and methodology are on par with the speaker. A truly inspiring course on situational leadership, essential in these times of change."

José Enrique Pérez Maicas

Head of Casting and Moulding en RONAL GROUP

"I had the fortune of meeting Inma during a leadership and team management workshop, and it was a pleasant surprise to find a person who is approachable, down-to-earth, and, fundamentally, very well-prepared. After this positive experience, I decided that she could be the professional to help reinforce our leadership and middle management team in time management and leadership.

A magnificent experience with good results."


Antonio Cano

CEO en El Conchel Original Food, S.A

"Practical, useful, and effective.
The workshop on LEADERSHIP AND HIGH-PERFORMANCE TEAM MANAGEMENT conducted by Inma Ríos has been a tool for our company that is easy to implement, allowing us to establish a proper team management methodology.
From the very beginning, Inma conveys closeness and trust, enabling a quick and smooth training process.
Her methodology goes beyond a simple theoretical session. Easily understandable and realistic, it is a practical and viable tool for implementation, yielding measurable and positive results."

Ysabel Mora

Empresa Textil Sector Moda

"The experience of the conference 'KEYS TO SUCCESSFUL LEADERSHIP' by Inma was highly notable for the leadership team at Caja Arequipa (Peru). Her focus on the 'why' of leadership, her ability to communicate inspiration, and her unique perspective on leadership make her keynote impactful and motivating."

Miryan Farfán Mujica

Gerente de Marketing, Experiencia del Cliente y Sostenibilidad en Caja Arequipa (Perú)

Thanks to my coach Inma Ríos I could establish clearly my goals, how to deal with my obstacles and what were my strengths. I got also a timetable with my targets and concrete actions that allowed me to reach them.

Alfonso Toribio


I have the honour and pleasure of knowing Inma through coaching. She helped me when a huge change was coming to my life. Thanks to Inma I was able to find my own power, to get enthusiasm, but especially to achieve my goal. She is a great professional with a lot of knowledge and experience. She has empathy, the ability to listen and she transmits what a coach should transmit. I feel very grateful to her.

Marcela Vasutova


The best way to get started on any subject is through the people who really know how to communicate the benefits of its practice. Knowing Inma was lucky because not only she catched my interest in the possibilities of coaching but because her value as a person. She knows how to transmit serenity, confidence and professionalism.

The work Inma did with us was in an international environment. The goal was to energize a meeting sessions with a team of forty people, from six different countries, on the difficult issue of youth unemployment. The result was very successful, getting very useful conclusions as a result of the teamwork. 

Lola del Olmo

Diputación de Albacete

My experience working with Inma turned out to be very positive, not only while my company was trying to expand into Colombia two years ago, but several month later, when we used the skills developed with her methods to expand to Peru, where I have recently moved to develop our business lines. Basically I felt encouraged by the strategies developed under Inma’s coaching process. In detail, we worked in ways to measure progress, to set the real objectives and to beat the resistances that appear with it.

Javier González Cantarell

Country Manager at Fractalia Remote Systems

During the past two years I have had Inma Rios as coach, both personal coaching processes more directly related to business and Team management, such as multiple workshops for Innova Consulting in different areas; communication, time management, stress management, etc.
Working with Inma has been key to getting the results we have obtained and still obtain in the company.
Her work has brought great changes both in day to day operation of the company, as in the overall strategy. Her educationa and experience abroad are a key point that, along with her enthusiasm, knowledge in business matters and determination make the recommendation as a coach of reference in this sector.

Dori López Nieves

CEO at Innova Digital Export

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